All of us at Pediatric Associates strive to provide the best possible medical care for all of patients based on the best current available medical information. We have decided that immunization of all our patients is an essential and safe component of providing optimal health care. Full immunization provides protection against many life threatening and disabling infectious diseases not only for the immunized children but also for infants who are too young to begin receiving immunizations.

We respectfully request that families who choose not to immunize their children seek pediatric medical from another medical practice.

Child Health & Development Interactive System

In the past month we have also started performing pre-visit screening and developmental screening online through a program called CHADIS. Once again we are asking families to make an account and register each child. Then before their next well visit log in and fill out the questions assigned based on your child’s age. Teens should also fill out a self-report questionnaire so if your child is thirteen or older he or she can log on and fill out his or her own questionnaire as well. You can register here.